Below are recent talks, presentations, workshops, etc. Research presentations are typically contained in their own project repositories with links below. Most other presentations are part of a broad “extras” repository, available here as a site and here as a raw github repo.

  • 2021-08 Causal Inference with Panel Data. This is a half-day workshop I led for the CDC. It focuses on difference-in-differences (DD) and presents some code for more recent DD estimators.

  • 2021-06 Personal Introduction to the CBO. I am a visiting scholar with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), starting in the Fall of 2021. As part of this position, I gave a few short “getting to know me” presentations to different CBO groups.

  • 2022-03 Presentation on U.S. Health Care and Pricing. These are the slides for a talk I did at Oxford College on U.S. health care and hospital pricing

  • 2022-08 Presentation on Health Economics and Emory. These are the slides for a talk with Emory Alumni on U.S. health care, hospital pricing, and health economics at Emory