Below are recent talks, presentations, workshops, etc. Research presentations are linked to each project on my research page. These presentations are part of a broad “extras” repository, available here as a site and here as a raw github repo.


  • CDC Workshop, August 2021. This is a half-day workshop I led for the CDC. It focuses on difference-in-differences (DD) and presents some code for more recent DD estimators.

Background presentations

  • CBO, June 2021. I am a visiting scholar with the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), starting in the Fall of 2021. As part of this position, I gave a few short “getting to know me” presentations to different CBO groups.
  • Oxford College, March 2022. These are the slides for a talk I did at Oxford College on U.S. health care and hospital pricing
  • Emory Alumni, August 2022. These are the slides for a talk with Emory Alumni on U.S. health care, hospital pricing, and health economics at Emory

Conference Discussant Slides

  • ASHEcon, June 2021, Ryan 2021 Slides for discussion of How does insurance competition affect medical consumption? presented by Conor Ryan
  • ASHEcon, June 2021, Basu 2021 Slides for discussion of Financial burdens of out-of-pocket spending among Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries: Role of the ‘big four’ chronic health conditions presented by Rashmita Basu
  • ASHEcon, June 2021, Curto 2021 Slides for discussion of Vertical integration among health care providers in Massachusetts presented by Vilsa Curto
  • SHESG, October 2021, Wendling 2021 Slides for discussion of The Effect of Physician Group Mergers on the Health Outcomes of Medicare Beneficiaries presented by Brett Wendling
  • ASHEcon, June 2022, Hughes 2022 Slides for discussion of Healthy Reviews! Online Physician Ratings Reduce Healthcare Interruptions presented by Danny Hughes
  • ASHEcon, June 2022, Hou 2022 Slides for discussion of Peer Participation in the Medicare Shared Savings Program presented by Youcheng Hou
  • ASHEcon, June 2022, Stecher 2022 Slides for discussion of Reducing Racial Disparities through Experience: Evidence from Medical Device Choice in Cardiac Catherization Labs presented by Chad Stecher
  • AHEW, October 2022, Vatter 2022 Slides for discussion of Quality Disclosure and Regulation: Scoring Design in Medicare Advantage by Benjamin Vatter
  • AHEC, April 2023, Leder-Luis 2023 Slides for discussion of Dying or Lying? For-Profit Hospices and End of Life Care presented by Jetson Leder-Luis
  • ASHEcon, June 2023, Wu 2023 Slides for discussion of Origin of Physician Practice Variation: Role of Training and Clinical Trials presented by Bingxiao Wu
  • ASHEcon, June 2023, Khvan 2023 Slides for discussion of Role of Insurance in Monitoring Physician Fraud and Other Healthcare Delivery Crimes presented by Margarita Khvan
  • ASHEcon, June 2023, Chang 2023 Slides for discussion of Effect of Critical Access Hospital Designation on Inpatient Prices in Employer-Sponsored Insurance presented by Jessica Chang
  • MHEC, September 2023, Levin 2023 Slides for discussion of If We (re)Build It, Will They Come? Evidence from California presented by Zach Levin